Read below to see how Spiritual Healing by Dianne has helped clients.  They have gracefully agreed to share their testimonials here.

Testimonials From Happy Clients

December 2023

Thank you so much for continuing to offer your monthly free Angel Card Readings. You have created such a beautiful community and space. I always enjoy hearing the questions others ask and what messages the Angels bring.  You touch the hearts of all of us with your beautiful smile and heart.  You're truly a gift to our world.


October 2023

I so appreciate Dianne for her service to humanity.  She has a calm and Loving way that makes you feel better about your self and goes a step more to create the beautiful bond.  I always wait with excitement for that special group card every week.  She always does this with such thoughtfulness.  Blissings and may you continue your patch that gives that extra love to humanity. 


February 2023

I was gifted an Angel reading by Dianne Winser. From the get go, Dianne’s insightfulness had me in tears of gratitude and tremendous joy. I would positively recommend an Angel reading to anyone who wishes to receive direct messages from their Angels😇.

A gift for which I Am truly grateful!


And the reading is recorded😉.

April 2022 ( From a zoom Free Angel Card Reading evening )

Dianne is so connected to the angelic realm!  She brings to her work kindness, generosity and a willingness to be of service. She is given, she smiles and offers her gifts to those who ask. Thank you!   


July, 2021 ( From a zoom Free Angel Card Reading evening )

I had my first Oracle reading experience with Dianne, and it was everything I had hoped it would be! In a very welcoming atmosphere, she helped provide me ( and many others ) with answers and messages from angels, while delivering insight for those seeking deeper classification. It was extraordinary to watch as others received reinsurance in what they were seeking — which said happy tears in hearing from their loved ones while others commented on getting things because of the accuracy. Dianne led this session with such authenticity, love, and passion and I can't wait until my next reading with her.

Thanks again, Dianne.

February, 2021Superstar 

Speaking to Dianne is like enjoying a cup of hot cocoa in front of a fireplace on a chilly winter morning. She has a unique ability to bring comfort to chaotic situations because it is from this place that stress is eliminated and better decisions can be made. If you are in a high-stakes, and stressful business environment give yourself the poison of speaking with Dianne and smile as she reveals how to turn that tidal wave of stress into a smooth-flowing stream of profit and other rewards.

Steve Gallegos, Personal Development Coach and Trainer

 November, 2020No

What a wonderful Connection I made with Dianne! When I send a connection request, I never really know what's in store, but I walked away feeling blessed and inspired to stay true to myself and maximize my various skills and talents. Dianne is helpful and kind. She'll give you clarity!

Arlen Denney    

September, 2020

Dianne is a real action person. She makes a decision and goes for it. Her readings are incredible and she definitely will help you find your perfect direction

Diana Deene

August, 2020

Testimonial for Dianne Winser. I had a reading done by Dianne on Aug.31/20. It was my first time with her. The reading was very thorough and full of information. I found Dianne to be very personable and friendly. Also very willing to help! I very much enjoyed my reading. She is also very reasonable with her rates. Now for the results of my reading. Within a very short time, everything I was told came true. Wow, that has never happened to me with any reader from the past.

Corae Garner, Winnipeg

January, 2019

Good afternoon,

Just wanted to say how much we valued the workshop on Connecting with your Angels we recently attended. My wife and I enjoyed the intimate setting and being able to ask lots of questions...which of course we did! The materials Dianne provided are excellent and we use them regularly at home. Dianne put everyone at ease immediately and provided a very nice lunch for us as well. The selected material was well laid out and presented at a casual pace. We both really enjoyed it and are already looking forward to our next workshop.

 Thank you so much Dianne....you are an Angel.....

 Chris and Charlane


January, 2019

Not knowing what to expect from a reading, I was blown away by the messages that Dianne channeled. She directed me to check in with a family member who had something big to discuss with me. She was right! Her teachings have helped me attract more abundance, joy and peace into my life. I think of her as my “Angel Whisperer”. 


December, 2017

I have had several sessions with Dianne and in each I have obtained a deeper level of peace. After this session, I am greeted much more kindly by people and can go about my day with a huge reduction in anxiety.

Thank-you Dianne!

A good Christmas after all!      

Lori, Nova Scotia


September, 2017

 I wanted to Thank you for the "Hug" you gave me at my session and for being so compassionate. I also wanted you to know that I felt somewhat better after my session, and even more the next day. My husband also noticed a difference in me, so that was more confirmation for me.

 I will continue to listen to my session and try to do my best with what my Angels messages were and will also work on a lot of the advice you gave me as well.

 Also, thank you for your patience and understanding of my feelings and frustrations. It has been a long time since I have come across someone who really understood.

 I might have a long way to get back on track, but my session with you was a "Great Start" and helpful Confirmation to many of the things I thought I knew, so I am happy I listened to my Angels about contacting you.

 Thanks so much - I hope to see you again, and wish you many miracles & success

 Much Love to You

Lori C. from Winnipeg


August, 2016

I was in the midst of a devastating, and terribly stressful, time in my life. I felt as though I had hit a brick wall and could not find my
way through it or around it. I sent a prayer for help and that is when was so graciously, and divinely, led to Dianne.

As soon as I met her, I felt an amazing kindness and comfort from her. She listened to my story with empathy and compassion providing some much needed guidance, as well.She then read for me and followed the reading with a cord cutting session because she felt I needed it. She was right. I had been carrying some heavy weight from previous lifetimes, and this lifetime, and Dianne, in her calming and caring way, helped me to release them. After the reading, and cord cutting, I felt the weight of that troubling situation fall away from me. I felt lighter, calmer, and felt peace that I had not felt in a few years.Dianne also told me she felt the worst was behind me. Not only did her words comfort me, solutions began presenting themselves to me and I felt my personal power slowly returning, as well.Dianne, you are gifted and so caring. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping me through this. The Angels led me to you and I am so thankful to them, and to you, for this blessing!Much love and light to you!

P. in Winnipeg


December 30, 2015

Dianne performed a 30-minute angel card reading for me today and it was truly one of the best readings I've ever had.  She truly has the gift of intuition and was able to assist me in some very personal areas of my life.  She was able to give me a wealth of information in only 30 minutes and I was truly amazed by what she told me.  Don't hesitate to contact Dianne as I'm confident she'll provide you with an extraordinarily insightful angel reading. 

Thanks again, Dianne!

 Janet in Ontario


December 30, 2015

I had an angel card reading alongside a cord-cutting session with Dianne the end of 2015. She also graciously sent me some information about the Law of Attraction, which I immediately put into use.  I am feeling much more centered now, even more excited for my future!

Dianne has a gift and is very welcoming, and very happy to assist those who truly want clarity and change in their lives.   

Thanks Dianne.      

 L. in Winnipeg


November, 2015

Hi Dianne,

I really enjoyed yesterday's Connecting to Your Angels workshop.

I came home feeling energized.  It was great to be around like minded people.  I enjoyed being able to put what we learned into practice during our breakout sessions.

Thanks again



October 2012

Dianne's Angel reading brought to light a previous lifetime I was completely unaware of. I was carrying past life energies that needed to be cleared as they were blocking progress in my current incarnation.   With the help of Dianne's gently guided meditation, I was able to literally close the books on that life.  Her gentle voice and compassion helped ease the release and help clear the path for my life's purpose.   Dianne, you truly are an earth angel!

With much gratitude and light, Lucy White


January, 2012

"Thank You Dianne. In one 50 min session on the phone with you, we clarified my  entire current situation with incredible detail. Not only did I discover   exactly what is holding me back, how to overcome it, what actions I must take  to move through this transition, but in just 5 minutes I wrote out an incredibly empowering statement of manifestation that I have been procrastinating on for months!

Dianne has the heart of an angel and is incredibly giving of her energy and love.  Through her guidance she helped me get clear, gain understanding, release negativity  and limiting beliefs and feel empowered to follow my calling."

- Norbert Orlewicz, Co-owner MLSP (My Lead System Pro), BC Canada

November, 2011

I'm a firm believer that there are no accidents in life. Never having had any kind of reading until I sat down with Dianne was no accident at all. It was an absolute gift from an earthly angel. Dianne, of course, was being that angel. My reading with Dianne was an unforgettable and wonderful experience. The way she walked me through the entireprocess you would think that Dianne had been sharing her incredible gift with others for many years. Dianne has definitely 'floated' into her life's calling and the proof of that
is in her readings.

In just one hour, Dianne was able to help bring clarity to an issue that had been weighing heavily on my mind for quite sometime. She did it with finesse, professionalism and in a  voice that was so gentle and calming; I felt that I was in the presence of an angel. With her guidance, I left feeling much lighter and very clear on the action steps I will need to focus on going forward so that I can truly live the life of my dreams.

Kim Malchuk ~ Best Selling and Award Winning Author, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

October, 2011

I am grateful for my Angel Reading, for both the content and how it was delivered.  The direct messages from Angels are very meaningful and I've gained a great appreciation for the ones they send through animals and other living creatures.  Dianne's warm and kind approach made me feel comfortable and grateful for the experience. I continue to be encouraged and inspired by what I learned from the Angels.

Thanks, Dianne!


----------------------------------------------------------------July, 2011

Dianne, I want to thank you so much for the amazing Angel Reading you did for me on June 14, 2011.  I entered into the reading with an opened-mind and feel that's the only way to get results.  WOW, a great experience unfolded which I am so grateful for.  You truly are married with an accurate, clear and specific reading.  I thoroughly enjoyed the details that picked up on my previous lives.  This was one of the most moving and inspiring
things that I have ever experienced!!
Many Blessings,

Terri, Sunrider Independent Business Owner, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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