The Archangels Can Assist Us in Clearings and Cord cuttings.

Where ever you feel pain - emotional or physical, it means you have
chosen thoughts from your lower, fear based self, rather than your
higher, love based self.  Pain is based in the ego based thought that
I am separate from the Divine Creator and other people.  Angel Therapy
is a quick and effective process of shifting energy and the beings that
are carrying that energy.

I help my clients by listening to their needs and receiving guidance from my
team of helpers. Based on client needs I assist through clearings to:

- cut cords to prior relationship (fear based cords only)
- connect to your inner child
- eliminate negative thought forms
- help you to ground yourself
- balance your chakras
- cleanse your aura
- retrieve and give back soul fragments
- vacuum out lower or fear based energy and blockages
- lift curses
- scan body and aura for psychic attacks
- release vows
- balance Karma
- work with the akashic records
- work on forgiveness
- cut cords to past lives
- write empowerment statements