Let Angels Guide Your
Spiritual Healing Journey

Dianne will assist you on your spiritual healing journey by orchestrating Angel readings (in person, by phone, email or online using Zoom), clearings, courses, and angel parties.

Are your Angels unemployed? Did you know that you need to ASK your angels for assistance?

Since we have free will, the Angels can only intercede in our lives if it is life threatening or if we ASK for their assistance. Our Angels do not want to be unemployed; they so want to help us on our spiritual healing journey.

I can help you get guidance from your Angels or teach you how to connect to your own Angels through:

  • Angel Card Readings
  • Clearings
  • Angel Parties
  • Courses face-to-face and/or online - "Connecting With Your Angels" and NEW -"Finding the Missing PEACE

Angel Readings

I do 30-minute and 60-minute Angel Card Readings.

Click here for details.

Angel Parties

Give an Angel Party and invite your friends - you will receive a free reading. 

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Courses Available

Connecting With Your Angels, 1-day course - in my home.

March 19th, 2023

New Workshop - Finding the Missing Peace - April 23rd, 2023

See Workshops tab ( on left ) for all details and to register.

See or Hear Dianne at the Following Events:

Mini Psychic Fair                 All sessions - 30 min

Saturday, October 14th      $50 cash only

10:30 am to 5:30 pm          Payable to each reader

Centre for Spiritual Living

625 Spruce Street, Winnipeg

I will be doing Angel Card Readings

Other readers and healers to choose from.

Pre-booking is available and encouraged

Get Messages from your Angels through Angel Card Readings.

Would you like to hear the messages that the Angels would love for you to know? I do Angel card readings using a four-card spread.

First card: Theme of what the Angels want to tell you

Second card: What is blocking you from getting what you want

Third card: How to overcome those blocks

Fourth card: Your outcome card

You can choose two decks - choose between seven Angel card decks,

While reading the cards I am getting messages from the Angels which I pass on to you.Contact information - dianne@diannewinser.com

(H) 204-256-7550

(C) 204-299-5238

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Angel Certification by Doreen Virtue