About Dianne


Did you realize that our thoughts create our reality? 

Dianne was guided to become a Light Worker and has been amazed by the vast power of the angels.  The benefits of connecting with our angels have become very apparent when helping others through card readings and angel clearings.  I have learned that when you work with angels, you can lean upon their light to help you heal in miraculous and amazing ways.  The angels can help us heal physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.  I am very excited to assist people on their healing journey on whatever level is necessary and for them to discover that because their thoughts create their reality, they are the source and creation of their own life.  Dianne is now a best-selling author of the book "You can Be, Do or Have Anything."

More About Dianne

I am a Mother of two beautiful adult daughters ages.  I have two adorable grandchildren, one boy born September, 2009 and one girl born November, 2012.  Live in beautiful Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

My Spiritual Journey 

I started my journey in 2010 after being guided by Archangel Michael that I was to be an angel card reader, I would some day channel, receive messages in my dreams and someday write a book. I took my Angel Basics and Soul Essence courses with Bonnie Bogner of Soul Vibrations and continued on to acquire my license as a Spiritual Health coach.  I followed that up with an Intuitive development course and became Bonnie's first trainer teacher in Angel Basics.   I studied under Doreen Virtue and received my certificate as a Certified Angel Card Reader.  I do angel card readings and clearings for my clients in person, over the phone or by mail.  All sessions are recorded if desired.  I help my clients by listening to their needs and receiving guidance from my team of helpers. Based on client needs I assist through clearings to:in - cut cords to prior relationship ( fear based cords only ) - connect to your inner child

- eliminate negative thought forms
- help you to ground yourself
- balance your chakras
- clean your aura
- retrieve and provide back soul fragments
- vacuum out lower or fear based energy and blockages
- lift curses
- scan body and aura for psychological attacks
- release vows
- balance Karma
- work with the akashic records
- work on forgiveness
- cut cords to past lives
- write empowerment statements

Contact Information

Name: Dianne Winser

Address: 66 Willowmeade Crescent ( St. Vital )

               Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2M 4P3

Phone Number: 204-256-7550 (home) 204-299-5238 (cell)

Email Address: dianne@diannewinser.com