Get Messages from your Angels through Angel Card Readings

Would you like to know what the angels have been wanting you to know.   Angel card readings can be done with a four card spread.

First card: Theme of what the Angels want to tell you

Second card:  What is blocking you from getting what you want

Third card:  How to overcome those blocks

Fourth card:  Your outcome card 

You can choose between one Angel card deck, two decks or three decks for
4, 8 or 12 cards.  While reading the cards I am getting messages from your Angels which I pass on to you.

Sessions will be recorded if you wish.

After the reading I will do 3 clearings for you depending on what the Angels recommend.

For details on the clearings click on the link below:

Rates for Angel Card Readings and Clearings

These rates include an MP3 recording which is sent to your email address.

30 minutes reading: $ 55.00
1 hour reading: $ 75.00 ( includes 3 clearings )

Pay Online now for your Angel Card Reading

For a 1 hour session ( angel card reading and 3 clearings ) - click on the button below. Cost is $ 75.00. Preferred payment is E-Transfer to, automatic deposit.

Use your pay pal account or pay by credit card.

For a 30 minute Angel Card Reading ( reading only ) - click on the button below.  Cost is $ 55.00. Preferred payment is E-Transfer to, automatic deposit. 

Use your pay pal account or pay by credit card.

Questions?  Call Dianne at 204-256-7550 or email